Releasing Stress & Tension

Upper Body Massage

An upper body massage can help those with poor posture causing back pain and discomfort. It is designed to reduce stiffness and tension in the back, neck and shoulders.

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Relaxing With Traditional Techniques

Ease Tight Shoulders With A Massage

Using a variety of massage techniques, an upper body massage helps to target any tension in the neck, back and shoulders that is causing stress and discomfort. Both gentle and firm pressure is applied to the problematic areas and trigger points to remove knots and encourage the body to begin its natural healing process. By triggering this natural response, the body then begins to increase blood flow, which helps you to naturally heal other parts of the body.

If you are to book in an upper-body massage, then we highly recommend ensuring that you have no other commitments after your treatment. Being able to go home after your massage allows your body to completely unwind and relax, giving you a deeper sleep and allowing muscles to naturally heal.

Beneficial For Tight Shoulders

Is An Upper Body Massage Right For You?

The upper body massage is perfect for various reasons, whether you have tension in your shoulders and upper back, or if you wish to completely relax and calm the mind. The techniques used for the upper body massage make it ideal for those with pain, injury or tension in the upper half of their body, most commonly due to working in an office environment. Through continuous sitting, bad posture in the neck and shoulders can be caused, leaving the upper part of the body feeling tight and uncomfortable.

Not only is the upper body massage ideal for those with tension and injury to the upper body, but it is also beneficial to those that are looking to treat themselves to a pamper but have little time to spare. The upper body massage can be completed in 30 minutes yet still offers a relaxing treatment that leaves you feeling calm from within.

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"I work in an office every day, and a colleague told me about Croydon Thai Massage and that they had a really good experience. I decided to give them a go and have no idea why I didn’t try them sooner. My back feels incredible, and all the pain I was suffering at my desk is a thing of the past."