Targeting Pain & Tension

Deep Tissue Massage.

Release the feeling of tension and stiffness within the muscle through a deep tissue massage, designed to use firm strokes to remove strain and knots, as well as to aid the recovery of muscle injury.

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Stimulate Circulation For Natural Healing

Ease Tension & Relax Muscles

Those with problematic areas will benefit most from our deep tissue massage, which is where your therapist will apply pressure to areas of tension, strain or injury. The technique for this massage involves a more firm approach, targeting multiple layers of tissue to ease the sense of knots and stiffness. This makes it a popular choice for those that are suffering from an injury or wish to relieve tension that may be impacting posture or causing discomfort when sitting and laying.

Instant & Soothing Results

How A Deep Tissue Massage Can Help

It is always important to make sure that you get professional advice from the doctor if you are experiencing particular pain or discomfort. However, a deep tissue massage can help to improve the feeling of tension and aid you with pain management. Before your therapist begins your massage, they will always discuss with you what problems you have, as this will help them to target the problematic areas you wish to relieve. Our therapists are well trained and experienced in helping you to alleviate discomfort, and many clients are referred to us from their GP for the following:

Sports Rehabilitation

When suffering from a sports injury, it is important to encourage blood flow, as this helps to push oxygen to the problematic area. A deep tissue massage is designed to do just that, using firm and long strokes to promote circulation.

Chronic Back Pain

Quality of life can suffer when a client is experiencing back pain, resulting in extreme discomfort, poor sleep and heightening stress levels. It is thought that a deep tissue massage can help to relieve tension, remove knots and ultimately, pain.

Upper Body Pain

Flexibility of the upper back is important to minimise the level of back pain that you may be experiencing. Through the techniques used for a deep tissue massage, you can encourage movement of the back and therefore, improve flexibility and reduce pain.

How Your Massage Is Complete

Techniques Used In A Deep Tissue Massage

The first step of your deep tissue massage involves gentler movements; this will help to warm the muscles up to avoid strain or damage during the massage, as it will help to promote movement and circulation. After your muscles have been prepared, you can then expect two different techniques to be applied during the massage. These techniques include a gliding motion using a deep pressure on the muscle fibres and putting pressure on the grain of the muscle. During your massage, your therapist may also ask for you to take a deep breath in order to prepare the body when working on tense areas.

Wonderful Feedback From Clients

What Our Clients Have to Say

I Have Already Booked Another Massage!

"I was told by my doctor to book in for a deep tissue massage to help with back pain, and I must say that I was a little dubious as I thought it would make it hurt and I wouldn’t enjoy the massage. However, it has made such a big difference, and I feel absolutely amazing after just one massage. I cannot recommend Croydon Thai Massage enough!"