Achieve Complete Calmness

Thai Foot Massage

Whether you are on your feet all day or can feel tension in the toes and soles of your feet, our experienced therapists can ease discomfort with a traditional Thai foot massage.

Do You Have Tension In Your Body?

Our Thai foot massage can target all kinds of problems.

Target The Entire Body

Detox With A Thai Foot Massage

When the feet feel tense and stiff, it can cause further strain on the rest of the body, making it important to ensure that your feet are relieved of any tension. The reason your feet will have such a dramatic effect on the rest of your body is that it has reflexology points, these points correlate to various areas of the body, including organs and bones. A Thai foot massage targets these points on the foot to help relieve stress and tension in different areas of your body, passing energy up to problematic areas, promoting physical and mental health. When completing your Thai foot massage, our therapists will use aromatherapy oils to soothe the muscles and target the energy lines, wrapping each foot tightly in a warm towel.

Wonderful Feedback From Clients

What Our Clients Have To Say

My Massage Has Done Wonders!

"I didn’t realise that a foot massage could do so much for your entire body, and after my massage, I felt like a completely different woman. I have already booked in a few more appointments so that my feet feel well replenished throughout the year!"