Soothing & Relaxing Areas Of Tension

Hot Stone Massage

An ancient method used to soothe and heal aches and pains involves hot stones placed on the back. The hot stone massage offers the perfect relaxation to detox the body.

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Discuss areas of tension on the body with our team and book in a relaxing hot stone massage.

Massage With Natural Healing Properties

How A Hot Stone Massage Works

Hot stones have been used to naturally heal infirmities for centuries, and work by placing a hot, flat stone on the back in order to relax muscles. Before the stones are placed onto tension areas to heat the muscles, your therapist will massage the back and any areas of tension to relax and prepare the tissue. Hot stones are then placed onto acupressure points on the body where you may be experiencing tension, such as the spine, hands, abdomen and toes.

While the stones are hot, they will not cause any discomfort or burning of the skin, yet they are hot enough to soothe the muscle and tissue, making it ideal for injuries. Once the stones have worked their magic, your therapist will then begin to massage the problematic areas with and without the stones, using essential oils and techniques that require pressure. When your therapist uses the hot stones for the massage, they will be carefully glided along the surface of the body in circular movements to encourage circulation. Stones will also be tapped on one another to send vibrations through the body to rebalance energy within the body and mind.

Improve Physical & Mental Wellbeing

The Benefits Of A Hot Stone Massage

When enjoying a massage by our experienced therapists, you will be provided with multiple benefits that can only be achieved through ancient techniques. From the body to the mind, just some of the benefits that you can take advantage of include:

Destresses The Mind

Feelings of anxiety and stress can be removed through a hot stone massage, which will provide you with the ultimate relaxing experience to unwind.

Reduce Tension

As the muscles are first prepared before the hot stones are applied directly to problematic points, it allows you to target areas of tension to promote healthy blood flow.

Deeper Sleep

All massages available at Croydon Thai Massage, particularly the hot stone massage, completely relax the mind and body, helping you to fall into a much deeper sleep.

Encourages Circulation

Whether you have poor blood flow or looking to completely detox the body, you can increase circulation with the techniques used for the hot stone massage.

Wonderful Feedback From Clients

What Our Clients Have to Say

Always An Amazing Experience

"I have been coming to Croydon Thai Massage for the past couple of years for their hot stone massage, and it is honestly the best massage I have ever had. The therapists are really good at pinpointing the issues you have and making you feel relaxed and tension-free after. A fantastic service every time and would highly recommend!"