Calming Your Spirit

Swedish Massage

For those looking to unwind the body and soul, the Swedish massage helps to relieve muscle strain to create a relaxed body that promotes calmness of the mind.

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Rebalance Your Body & Mind

Restore Health & Rebalance

A Swedish massage is most commonly known as a classic massage, combining multiple techniques that help to promote restoration of health. The massage rebalances the nervous system, which will leave you feeling fully revitalised throughout the body, rather than in one specific area of tension. Unlike other massage methods, the Swedish massage helps to completely relax the body, applying pressure all over to relax the muscles and, therefore, your mind.

The techniques used during the Swedish massage means that therapists are able to apply additional pressure to areas of tension, while promoting circulation of blood flow. By improving these qualities within the body, it helps to naturally remove toxins and improves energy levels.

Thoroughly Relaxing Methods

Swedish Massage Techniques

To ensure that you are provided with the best results, and you feel completely relaxed and calm in body and mind, Croydon Thai Massage therapists will use a combination of techniques. These include the following:


Involving a slow, gliding movement, effleurage helps to soothe soft tissue to improve relaxation.


The petrissage technique uses a kneading and rolling movement while applying pressure.


A brisker method of massage using the edges of the hands and fingers, applying quick tapping.


Deep and circular movements creating friction will be used for those with muscle pains or injury.

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"I have had a massage in various other places before coming across Croydon Thai Massage but never really been satisfied. I thought I would give them a go, and I am beyond happy that I found them. They don’t cut your massage short, so you get the full 30 minutes or hour that you pay for and I always come out feeling like I have had the best massage!"